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Richmond Towers

Management Staff


James Marsh,  Manager


We offer low income public housing for the elderly and the disabled. We have 225 units with 135 efficiency and 90 1 bedroom units. We offer a congregate housing program (chsp) this program allows our frail and elderly to remain in their apartments for as long as possible by offering housekeeping, personal assistance and an evening daily hot meal.


Transportation is provided for medical appointments as is assistance with laundry.  On a monthly basis we offer a podiatrist, health insurance counselling, a home health aide program and orthopedic specialist. We also have a medical doctor who does (upon request) housecalls.


Residents have access to an all-around volunteer who also assists with completing paperwork.


The following services offered: an applicant screening committee, social worker, a more advanced security program transportation for all residents, an assisted living program. The girl scouts of america have an annual Christmas celebration; an annual trim-a-tree party hosted by the AKA Theta Phi Omega Chapter.


A monthly flea market is held for all residents. We also have an upcoming horticulture program in march to interact with the seniors. (potting annuals, houseplants, flower arrangements, etc).

Richmond Towers

Richmond Towers is now accepting applications for efficiency and one bedroom units, please pick up an application in the Admissions Office located at 510 E. Front Street in Plainfield. Please use the Richmond Street entrance.


Applicant must be 62 years old or older.

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