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Staff Members


Joyce Clark-Cabbell, Principal Accounting Clerk

Joyce Johnson, Clerk 1

Paul Maturro, Consultant


No organization can call itself first rate without

the support of a good department responsible

for the financial soundness of the organization.

For the Housing Authority of Plainfield it is the

Finance Department.  It is responsible for all of

the aspects of financial operations of the authority,

and is always looking for opportunities to accomplish

its future objectives.


Some of its responsibilities include bank reconciliation, deposits, annual budgets, statement analysis, purchase order approval, and payroll.  The new millennium has brought about many changes in our economy and the way the Agency must do business. So must the responsibilities of the finance department, always staying abreast of the changes in the current laws and adjusting to the configuration of the federal government mandates.  A few of their new duties include Asset Based Management, finding new revenue sources, and preparing all necessary journals to support these functions.


It is only one of the many multifaceted assets that are being constructed here at the Housing Authority of Plainfield.


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