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Maintenance Department


Maintenance Supervisory Staff for all sites:




The Maintenance Department of the Housing Authority is truly one of the backbone supports of our organization. It is our maintenance department that most of our residents see on a daily basis. They interact and assist with problems that our resident may experience from time to time.


All of our Maintenance Mechanics have years of experience right here in the Housing Authority of Plainfield, which affords us the ability to do the job right the first time.


Our Maintenance Grounds man are the most well rounded individuals with varying experience stemming from large landscaping companies, to smaller privately owned companies which represent a wealth of knowledge. Their expertise is evident in the well kept grounds of facilities we manage.


Our Maintenance Supervisory Staff brings a corresponding level of expertise. Not only in their approach to their everyday tasks, but also to the sensitivity of our residents, as their needs arise.  They insure that the residents enjoy reasonable and well-maintained housing by providing prompt responses to maintenance issues that maybe of an emergent nature, and/or those unexpected incidents such as, lockouts, fire alarms, and water leaks.


Assisted by the Administrative Analyst, the maintenance department tracks all requests for assistance by insuring that all requests are recorded, acted upon, and completed in a timely fashion.  The Work Order System is maintained in conjunction with the coordinated efforts of the Facilities Manager to verify that all requests are handled in a professional and timely manner.


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