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Modernization Department




To seek and acquire funding sources for the revitalization and modernization of current and future public housing facilities.

The Housing Authority’s $1.2 million facility expansion to upgrade the administration building with an additional 4,000 sq ft and consolidating our office to 510 East Front Street, Plainfield. Along with improving our infrastructure of our four main facilities.

The accomplishments and activities of the Modernization Department include but not limited to:


  • Major housing rehabilitation inside 128 units

  • Install individual porches, fencing, side walks and tree planting

  • Constructed 2500 square feet Community Room for Resident Utilization

  • Install State of art Fire Alarm System for obvious safety purposes

  • Addressed concern regarding asbestos and lead paint issue to insure health and safety

  • Installed new intercom systems

Additional responsibilities include identifying funding streams to support resident's programs and services to improve the quality of life for our residents.



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